Why Technology?Apps That Work!
Why use technology in the classroom!
  • Understand & explore the why behind using technology in our classrooms.
  • Experience hands on lessons where technology plays a role in enhancing or transforming teaching & learning.
  • Learn strategies to integrate technology in the classroom.
  • Discuss, question, brainstorm, challenge, and think about the teacher and student outcomes we hope to achieve (begin with the end in mind).
App that can be used to enhance student learning.
  • This is not about the apps and tools we will use but HOW we use these apps and resources to help students interact and explore concepts. 
  • Each of these lessons could be modified to use different apps and resources.
  • To help us think about the possibilities we will treat the tools, apps, and resources as ingredients and the lessons we create as different recipes.

Formative Assessments
Why use Formal Assessments!
  • Gives teachers information to drive instruction
  • To assess learning while giving ongoing feedback
  • To help students identify their strengths and weaknesses
  • To make learning fun and exciting

​Below are presentations developed to help understand why technology should be used in the classroom, what tools can enhance student learning and achievement and how to assess students work. I customize each presentation to fit the needs of the participants and requirements of the district or campus. Please contact me for your professional development needs.