pevans consulting

E3​ Trainer/Presenter/Consultant

Equip -the dictionary defines equip as to prepare someone mentally for a particular situation or task.  It is necessary to supply teachers with the technology tools for 21st century teaching.

Engage – the dictionary defines engage as to participate or become involved in. It is also necessary to supply teachers with technology tools that can be used to attract students’ interest or attention.

Empower – the dictionary defines empower as the ability to make someone stronger and more confident in controlling their teaching life.  When it comes to using technology in the classroom, most teachers feel they do not succeed.  By not growing up as digital natives, teachers tend to avoid using technology. It is necessary to motivate teachers to adapt to this “new and exciting learning environment”.

While teachers are focusing on teaching, I spend my time learning the technology tools to help teachers equip their students with the skills needed. Many teachers do not know the tools that are available.  My goal is to equip teachers by sharing technology tools they can use to better assess, communicate, collaborate, and create a learning environment where students enjoy learning.

With that said, many teachers need to make a paradigm shift which is not an easy task. I want to help teachers embrace change easier by first establishing a good rapport and letting teachers know that I am there to provide as much support as needed. In the end, teachers leave feeling more confident about moving toward this
“new” shift.

Pam Evans